• 1. How to Order?

    You can start by selecting the product and its quantity that you want to purchase. After you finish, proceed to check out and fill up your details or sign up to be a member to keep your details for the next purchase. You can select the courier service that you want and the final step is to make the payment.

  • 2. How to Pay?

    You can choose several payment methods shown in the checkout. After confirming your payment method, follow through the instruction given. Your payment should be verified soon based on your selected method.

  • 3. How will I know my order has been successfully placed?

    At the end of the step, you will receive a confirmation email from us once your payment has been settled.

  • 4. Where and When can I get the order delivery?

    We deliver to cities in Indonesia with different delivery duration depending on the courier service selected. Product order will be sent the next day after order is received.

  • 5. Can I cancel my order?

    Order cannot be cancelled or changed.

  • 6. How to store Tobafish products?

    For canned and ready-to- eat products are stored in ambient temperature. Meanwhile, frozen products are kept in frozen temperature.

  • 7. How long is the shelf life of product once opened?

    Once the packaging is opened, Canned products can be kept up to 2 – 3 days and Crispy Anchovies can be kept for a week, ideally to be kept chilled in the fridge.
    While the shelf life for Fish Sausage is 1 year as long as the product is stored in frozen temperature.

  • 8. How is product packaged?

    We simply package the products into carton box and shipped them out whereas for frozen products, we add ice flakes sufficiently to ensure the products’ quality are good by the time they are received by customers.