About Tobafish

Tobafish is produced wholly by utilizing seafood with no addition of preservatives. We maintain seafood as the highest ingredient among other ingredients to provide nutritious seafood for consumers. Tobafish is one of the kinds of seafood products produced by PT. Toba Surimi Industries. Our company has been established since 1997 and has become the mother company of other companies which have expanded to other branches in Jakarta, Makassar and Sibolga.

PT. Toba Surimi Industries have been certified with HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point), CTPAT( Customs-Trade and Partnership Against Terrorism) approved, own EU (European Union) approval number and have achieved A rating on BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification since 2013. The products produced have also been registered in BPOM and obtained Halal certification from MUI.

By consuming Tobafish products, Indonesian can have healthier lifestyle because processed seafood proved to contain nutrients such as Omega-3 , Omega-6 and Calcium.Looking into the nutrition facts, consuming fish which contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essentially benefit brain, lowers cholesterol level and stabilizing high blood pressure.It is good for long term consumption as consumer can indirectly avoid the risk of getting chronic diseases. Tobafish products also contain calcium that is good for bone health.

Tobafish are processed hygienically with a strict monitoring control in each and every step of production flow. To ensure the safety of consumption, Tobafish canned products are cooked to a very high temperature at 120C that kills the bacteria. Products are checked and tested again before distributing it to the store. Similar to other types of products, frozen products are frozen to -41C and stored safely to -25C before being dispatched.

Tobafish products are an excellent choice for consumption. The products contain important nutrients which benefits Indonesian livelihood besides they are efficient and ready-to-consume products. Tobafish products come with various flavor with a good combination of spicy, sweet and salty that are ready to trigger your taste buds.